Treating severe acid reflux after a gastric bypass

Gastric bypass is one of the most effective ways of helping people who are morbidly obese to reduce their calorie consumption and lose weight. During the surgery, the surgeon cuts off the top of the stomach and seals it off from the rest of the stomach, reducing the amount of food that your stomach can hold. The doctor then cuts a small part of the ileum and attaches it to the stomach, which reduces the amount of food which will be absorbed by the body.

Thyroid Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Thyroid cancer is a cancer which affects a gland in the neck which is called the thyroid gland. Understanding the symptoms of thyroid cancer can help you to catch it as quickly as possible. As with all cancers, the sooner treatment is started, the better the prognosis. Below is a guide to the symptoms of thyroid cancer and the treatments which are available to combat the disease. Symptoms The symptoms of thyroid cancer may include the following:

Essential Clarifications on Hearing Aids

Are you considering a hearing aid? If it's your first time receiving one, the process is sometimes daunting. Clearing up some myths and worries will help you feel more comfortable with your new hearing device. They're big and unsightly While there was once a time when hearing aids were bulky, today they're much smaller. In some cases, you might even benefit from an 'invisible' hearing aid, but you should let your audiologist advise you as to whether that's right for you.

When Is Skin Cancer More Than Just A Mole? 3 Other Signs You Need Your Skin Checked

From an early age, Australians receive constant warnings about the dangers of the sun. In fact, skin cancer is so common among Australians; estimations are that 66% of the population will receive a skin cancer diagnosis before they turn 70. You already know to be wary of moles on your body when they change shape, but did you know there are other signs of skin cancer too? As someone who does like to hang out in the sun, these are the other signs you should be aware of that indicate the need to get your skin checked out by a professional.

How Your GP Can Help With an Addiction

Your GP is the obvious person to see when you're feeling unwell and you need a diagnosis and treatment. However, this is not the only time they can help you. Addiction is something that affects many people, and the wide range of potentially-addictive substances means it's a varied problem. The one thing people with addictions have in common, however, is that it's extremely difficult to seek help. Part of the problem is not knowing what to expect when you reach out to a professional about an addiction.