Five Signs You Should Try Physiotherapy

Although many associate physiotherapy as an area of health care sports people use, you may find it benefits you and your present medical complaints. In addition to addressing pains and injuries, it's great for managing chronic conditions, as well as improving temporary problems such as urinary incontinence following childbirth.

An obvious injury

Trauma of any kind causes injuries that involve swelling, heat, and loss of function. If you want a quicker recovery or you don't want to rely on analgesia, you can approach a physiotherapist for a plan that'll speed up the healing process. Doing this may also identify whether you've encountered an injury that requires medical or surgical intervention. If general physiotherapy is appropriate, your physio will provide you with a sheet of exercises you can do at home. 

You have a pain that keeps returning

When you injure yourself, the healing period usually lasts for a matter of weeks. If your pain is ongoing or it keeps returning, you may need physio. At your appointment, your physiotherapist will create a rehabilitation programme that addresses the pain, allowing you to live a more comfortable life.

A loss of balance

If you're becoming more clumsy or experiencing regular falls, you may find that physiotherapy is the answer. While there are neurological causes for poor balance, many arise from muscular and skeletal problems too. Should your physio identify such causes, they'll produce interventions that restore your balance.

Your bladder isn't functioning as it used to

Incontinence is a problem that few people enjoy talking about. While there are pills and surgical interventions that can help, you may find that physiotherapy is all you need to address the issue. Pelvic floor exercises and movements that strengthen the muscles around the pelvic floor can reduce the number of accidents you have. In turn, you'll find it easier to go about your day to day life. 

You have a sports injury

From plantar fasciitis after running to an anterior cruciate ligament strain, sports injuries can soon become painful. If you want to return to your usual exercise regime, using a sports physiotherapist can help you do so. In addition to enhancing the healing process, they'll provide tips for preventing the issue happening again in the future.

If you have an ongoing health concern and you're not sure whether you can benefit from physiotherapy, reach out to your local professional today. With a quick assessment, they'll soon let you know if it's the right intervention for your case.